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Local Hands - a community based project

Local Hands Northwest is a community based magazine and online resource. It is filled with information about our arts and crafts scene, people and events in Spokane and The Inland Northwest.

Local Hands Northwest magazine contains family friendly content and appeals to readers of every age. It provides an online Artist and Crafter Directory by medium and a Calendar of Events dedicated solely to Arts and Crafts. Our writers are getting into our community in a section called Road less Traveled and exploring new paths in order to outline fresh art tours and find new creativity that’s waiting to be discovered. We have a section in our magazine called In Your Neighborhood, where we take snapshots with small descriptions of the creativity throughout the area. We also have a section called Budding Hands where we highlight arts and craft pieces that are being created by a new generation of artists. It will not be uncommon to spot one of your neighbors in the publication because like we said it is all about community! As an added bonus, all of our issues contain free arts and crafts projects for all ages.

Local Hands Northwest is not just another arts magazine; it is our community’s thumbprint of an art scene. We are the source for uniting, connecting and revealing what’s going on in our community. Better said, we are the Arts & Crafts Community of the Inland Northwest.

Our first issue is due to hit  locations throughout Spokane/Spokane Valley areas in May 2009. We hope you enjoy each and every issue!

Sincerely,Debbie Hanks, Aileen McDanold, Ari Rooney and Amy Nelson


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